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Gaining a permit to perform space activities is really complex

Navigating the regulatory burden is a barrier to entry

lots of question marks

The process differs in accordance with mission parameters, and can be confusing, time consuming, and expensive.

There are many dependencies and pre-requisites, and many of these also have pre-requisites, forming a hierarchy of dependencies that, in and of itself, can be difficult to discover.

Much of the work requires third party suppliers to confirm or certify requirements.

There is no clean, common solution

The current workflow involves multiple iterative processes that are vulnerable to repetition and failure

convoluted mess demonstrating difficult workflow, hybrid of gears and spaghetti

This creates an industry pain point where there is a perceived imbalance between innovation and regulation.

We believe there is a better way.

Why is the regulatory burden so high?

Because it needs to be

Regulations provide safety and security to ensure that what we do in space is sustainable, and in the best interests of people, property, and planet/s (or other celestial bodies!).

To ease the burden on space companies, you can either reduce these safeties, or you can make them more user friendly.

We aren't trying to reduce or bypass these safeties. We are navigating complex pathways and workflows on behalf of our clients.

Regulation navigation as a service

Why reinvent the wheel when you can jump into our teleporter?

Smoother workflow, simplified and streamlined

Let us do all the hard work for you.

Single point of contact, data entry, failure, resolution.

Change looks like us.